Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Blood Approves

My Blood Approves by Amanda Hocking
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Summary:  Seventeen-year-old Alice Bonham's life feels out of control after she meets Jack. With his fondness for pink Chuck Taylors and New Wave hits aside, Jack's unlike anyone she's ever met.

Then she meets his brother, Peter. His eyes pierce through her, and she can barely breathe when he's around. Even though he can't stand the sight of her, she's drawn to him.

But falling for two very different guys isn't even the worst of her problems. Jack and Peter are vampires, and Alice finds herself caught between love and her own blood....

I kept seeing this series on my audible "recommended" page, so I took a stab at it. I had already read Switched a while ago, also from Amanda Hocking, and enjoyed it, so figured this one should be good. I have to admit, I love a series.

I just finished listening to this, and my heart is still pounding from it. At first I thought it was too much like the book "T" and even rolled my eyes a few times, but once I got into it,my feelings changed. I am still not sure if I would put it as one of my favorites, but it's up there. Of course I am a HUGE "T"fan so it would make sense that I would fall for this series as well.

The name Alice, also a T-book name, made me want to scrunch up my nose because she wasn't a character I liked.... So, I tried not to bring any prejudices into this book in spite of the similarities, which helped me out a lot. This Alice's personality was great. Loved her. As well as Jack's. He reminded me of my youngest brother, always a kid at heart, which was refreshing.

Not sure what my feelings for Peter were or even are now. There was a part of me that wanted things with Peter to work out and a part that hated him.

This book does contain a couple of F-words, which I don't like. That might be what keeps me from adding it to my favorites. There is some sexual content... Kissing plus a little more.

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