About Me

In the beginning, I was a child who hated to read. Also living in the dark ages, when no one knew what A.D.H.D. was, I was considered slow and dumb, which turned me away from anything that required reading.  I remember reading a page-long short story in my English Lit. class and not remembering a word that I had read.  Not understanding why, I felt like I was really dumb, slow, stupid and incapable of accomplishing anything that required reading or study. 
As life went on, I married the best Man on the planet. We had 4 wonderful boys, that I love dearly.  Still not interested in reading, I worked on crafts like tole painting, scrapbooking, and making things to make my home a prettier place.  
When my oldest son was 15, he was diagnosed with brain cancer.  With long drives to Doctor visits, my son and I began listening to a few audio books on the road while he was receiving treatments.  We both enjoyed listening to them together.
 Two years later, when his cancer returned with a vengeance, I was holed up in a hotel room and hospital rooms for days at a time. A friend of mine convinced me to read a new series called "Twilight".  I scoffed at the thought of vampires and it didn't even interest me.  My friend told me to trust her, so having nothing else to do in the hours sitting in uncomfortable chairs, I read it.  I cannot explain what that book did for me!  It took me away from the smells, sounds, and surroundings of that awful hospital.  It dragged my heart and soul away from what was eating them minute by minute.  It saved my mind from focusing on the inevitable, and the pain that went with it!!  These books saved me from completely losing my sanity.  
After those books, I longed for others.  Soon I just couldn't get enough!  Now, here I am.. completely addicted to them!  Who would have thought that a young girl who couldn't even read on a 8th grade level when she graduated from High School would be so obsessed with Books!!  Not only that, but writing about them as well.  
Never underestimate yourself!  Life brings many trials, but in return we receive tender mercies, gifts and blessings to see us through. 

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