Sunday, July 29, 2012

A thank-you!

Jennifer L. Armentrout, author of the books Obsidian (Lux Series), Half-blood (Covenant Series), wrote a wonderful thank you out to all of the book bloggers out there.  
I know I am not as big as some, but this post has inspired me and given me a little more incentive to post more reviews, and share the excitement I feel toward reading!  

I will quote a few things from her post, but if you want to read it, here is the link

"Now I'm going to give you the Jennifer definition of a book blogger from the Armentroutopedia
Book Blogger-- a person who, for the love of reading, reads and review books on a public platform with little to no financial support. It's not a job. There are really no rules. It's a passion that the share with other people who have a love of reading and/or writing. It's even an obsession, just like writing is an obsession to authors. Book Bloggers take their websites seriously, their reviews, and their promotions."

Jennifer is so right about this.  The reason I started this blog is for that reason only.  I LOVE BOOKS!  I love to read and sometimes I get so excited over a book that I want to share it with everyone!!!  I am sure some of you have talked to me in real life and know that I can get a little carried away about certain books I have just read, but it has become a passion for me now.  Obviously, the writing bug has hit me as well or I wouldn't have this blog.

" Let's talk about books:
Sure, bloggers get a lot of books for free. They also buy books that they get ARCs of. They also are on first name basis with their local book store. They also buy multiple copies for contests. They probably spend more money on books then a country does to feed a small army. And keep in mind, they don't get paid to blog or review, so all of this is coming out of their pockets. Why? Because they love books."

Yes, Yes and YES!  Just ask my husband!  I have spent a lot of money on books, audiobooks, ebooks.  I only have had one giveaway so far, but I have one that I am planning on soon!  BUT... I LOVE sharing books!  I love letting friends borrow my books, letting them feel and see what I see when I am in that fantasy world I live in!  

Thanks Jennifer Armentrout for acknowledging and supporting all of us Book Bloggers, whether big or small.  We love your books, and love having that world to escape to!   

Here is the link to one of her books I blogged about :  Obsidian 

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