Thursday, June 27, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader!!

Have you heard the news?  Google Reader is going away!! That means if you are following me this way, you need to switch to something else, like Bloglovin'!You can also follow me through Google + This is just one way to follow me and is where I have moved all my favorite blogs. It's easy to sign up and move.  If you look to the right ----------->  You will find the Bloglovin' button, Linky followers, and NetworkedBlogs widgets as other ways to follow.  Of course you can always just sign up to follow by email if that is easier for you!  July 1st is when Google friend connect, Google Reader will be GONE!!!  

Just so you know, in honor of this big switch, here is a Throw-Back photo of myself. Taken back in 2008.  Alright, its not that far back, but it's the best I can do.   

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