Monday, April 18, 2016

Dark Touch by Aimee L. Salter

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Tully isn’t alone in her skin. Whenever she touches someone, they feel everything she feels. All her ugliness. All her darkness. All her pain.
The only thing she wants is to be left alone—and to finally get out of her small Oregon town.

But then she meets Chris. He’s everything she’s not. Light. Trusting. Innocent. And he wants Tully.

Tully knows she should spare him the heartache of being with her. But when he touches her, she’s not sure she’ll have the strength to push him away...

From the author of Every Ugly Word comes a poignant, emotionally raw story about the violence that plays out behind closed doors and the all-consuming passion of first love.

“My feelings. Whenever anyone touches my hands they feel what I feel.”

So dark really means dark... even for young adult books. I usually go for the easy reads when it comes to YA, so this was a lot more difficult to get through. I am torn as to if I would want my teens to read a book with abuse, drugs, and sex.... But there is a lot they could learn by reading a book like this.

I was impressed by the character building. Tully (Tulip) builds walls around herself to keep everyone out. She has too many secrets and is damaged and broken to let people in. She has a supernatural way of letting her emotions slip to others unwillingly. She is afraid to let others see her and her dark home environment.

Chris is the epitome of the typical all american boy, a great homelife, and guy who stays away from trouble. He is drawn in to Tully and falls for her even with her dark appearance, and mysterious personality.

As their relationship grows, they learn valuable lessons in each other. They learn the value of trust, forgiveness, and love. It was a heart wrenching journey for both characters and I felt it right along with them.

Even through the tough and darkness of this book, I would recommend this to older teens and young adults to make them aware of the problems teens face today. These situations are real, but we can come together to help.

Thanks to Net-Galley for the chance to review this book.

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