Sunday, September 11, 2011

I finally finished it!!  It took me a while to adapt to the whole "fairy or feary" world (still don't get that spelling)  which gave me nightmares!  OK, so I can deal with vampires, demons, monsters but I can't deal with feary world?  I think it has to do with my childhood memories, my childhood safety zone where cute little things like FAIRIES are beautiful, cute and will help people, not do evil little things to hurt humans. I was the child who ran in the other room when the wicked witch and the flying monkeys came around  in the Wizard of Oz! Creep-ed me out! I really, really had a problem with this! I am 40-something years old and my childhood fears still are fears! Who knew?

Well, after going back to the book, feeling determined to overcome this irrational fear I have, I FINALLY got into the plot and couldn't put it down.. and then the book ended!! UGH! I am a sucker for action and romance which this book finally revealed toward the end. There was a spark of romance here and there, then all of a sudden when the real action started, they were kissing?  Where did that come from?

Am I going to read the next book?  You bet!  I will give it another shot because I am now "into" the story and have to know what happens.  Hopefully I can get through it quicker than I did the first one.  I will let you know.

On to... "The Iron Daughter".

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