Monday, September 19, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailer

YES!  I will be there for the opening night!

Top 5 things I loved about this trailer:

1. The ring!
2. Jacob's cute, sad face! Did you see him with an "almost" beard?
3. Ummm, yeah... head board! A little too naughty!
4. The wolves are my favorite!
5. Edward yelling at Bella "You've given me no choice!" (Finally being manly)
6. The ending of it... the heartbeat... and no heartbeat. (Ok, so I said 5... I lied)

Things that bugged me:
#1. And always number one... Edward's hair (or how he isn't as beautiful as he is in my head) What is up with his hair being parted down the middle?  EEWWW.  I would have run back up the isle screaming! Get the gel and goo back in his hair!
2. Bella looking all grown up in Alice's choice of dress as they leave for the honeymoon.  Where did she get legs and hair like that?
3. Jacob still gets his heart broken... again and again.  Even in the movie!!!

Do you think this movie will be good?  I have to be honest, the Breaking Dawn book was not even close to my favorite.  I loved the first part, with the wedding and the honeymoon!! But when Bella began showing signs of being pregnant, I totally freaked!  I felt like Edward did... GET THE THING OUT OF HER! Even though my "motherly instincts" are always strong, this was just... wrong in so many ways!

  I am hoping the movie does a lot more for me than the book did.


  1. The movie looks good. I couldn't find anything wrong from what I saw in the trailer. I'm so excited!!! I'm hoping that the birth scene is waaaaay dramatic!


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