Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's May!

 Every year, especially in May, I try to spread the word about 2 things.  
1.  Brain Tumors.  My son Marcus, was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 15.  Brain cancer is one of the cancer's that cannot be cured. When he was diagnosed (2006) with Anaplasatic Astrocytoma, stage 3 cancer, these were the odds we were given:  
 Even with complete removal of the tumor and a margin of brain tissue around it, with radiation and chemo, they told us "Expect the worst".  They told us he only had 20% chance of surviving 5 YEARS!  How can you tell your child they only have a tiny chance of surviving a few years?  Marcus, only lived 2.  When the cancer came back, it was like a BEAST!  Took over his whole brain within weeks!  

2.  Childhood Cancer  People assume when they donate money to a cancer charity that it helps all those with cancer.  Not true!  Because a child's cells are still changing and developing, not all chemo's can be used on them.  We have to have separate research, testing, and studies for our precious children.  The last few years, the American Cancer Society gave only 2% of it's funding into Pediatric research!   Not enough!  We need to spread the awareness that our children are dying and WE are the only ones who can help!  

A fellow Mother, who lost her daughter to the same Brain Tumor as my son's, set up this site called the Wall of Courage.  Once a year she creates these beautiful logos which come on many type of (gear) T-shirts, Hoodies, waterbottles, mouse pads, bags, etc. and sells them.  All the proceeds go toward Pediatric Brain Tumor research. Here is one specifically in memory of my son, Marcus. 

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Or here is the 2012 Logo, with all the children's names in it, to support all children who suffer with this awful beast.

If you can, please help me pass on the awareness!  

Thank you for listening!! 

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