Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Niece's first book!

I am thrilled to introduce LA Knight!
My Niece, but also a first time Indie Author! 

Summary: "Fetch the Crown of Black Glass from the Maze. Before day and night balance you must free the Knave. Pay attention, Alyssa, before it's too late."

That's the text Alyssa Carde gets on her first day at Pillar Preparatory Academy. New to the school for "teens with trouble adjusting," Alyssa just wants to get through her senior year without getting suspended (again).

But at Pillar, every student has to make a choice - Red or White. When Alyssa refuses to pick a side, and instead tries to search for the mysterious "Knave" from the mysterious messages someone known only as "the Smoke" keeps sending her, every choice she makes drags her and the haunted - and haunting - Jack Knightly deeper into the strange world of the witch queens of the Twilight Chessboard.

And both Alyssa and the Knave are running out of time.

Fighting and action took off from the beginning of this book.  I have to admit I was a little confused as why a young girl would have so many enemies, but that is what grabbed my attention and drew me into the storyline.

Alyssa's character was rough, cryptic, and raw. Most words that came out of her mouth were sarcastic, defensive and full of fire. Most of the book was written in her voice or point of view which had me giggling with her sardonic sense of humor.  

Jack, well he is the monster trying not to let the monster take over.  His heart is golden, but is trapped by a bond that has tortured him since childhood, literally.  He fights for his freedom, which only Alyssa can free him.  

One thing that I loved was the way the book went from Alyssa's point of view to Jack's.  Even though I enjoyed Alyssa's character, I craved a break from her thoughts and welcomed Jack's.  It gave it so much more dept to the storyline.  

The storyline to this was so creative!  Even though there were times where I felt a little lost, it all fell into place later. 

This being LA Knight's first book, I see a lot of promise for such a young writer.  With her creativity and writing skills, I can't wait to see what happens next!!! 

~This book contain a lot of blood and violence.~

This book is available on Amazon.com and Kindle.    


  1. Great review! I'd like to read this even tho I don't usually read books of blood & violence. Keep up the good work, Karen.
    Love you! MOM

  2. Great review! I'm not a "monsters" and fighting type of gal but since it's my DIL's book I just might take the plunge and read it. I have her next book, "Their Forever Family" so I'm going to read that one first. I think that one is more my type. :)


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