Saturday, November 19, 2011

Breaking Dawn - Part 1, The movie

This song was so perfect for the whole series! 
Wow, wow wow!  I can honestly say that the movie made the book!  Breaking Dawn, the book,  was very difficult for me to get through.  I loved it until I was half way through the book, then I thought it just got too weird.  I have read the series at least 4 times, but I have only finished Breaking Dawn 2 of those 4 times. I could have lived without the baby in all honesty.  I realize that it explained Jacob and Bella's love for each other, but to me this was a love story.  Now that I have experienced the movie, I was completely moved by the whole thing.  My heart was pounding every minute during the movie, either out of suspense (even though I knew what was coming), or out of emotion. 
Can I just say that I teared up many times?  Especially for my Jacob.  I have always been "team Jacob", but what a sad sad boy! Jacob was so broken, but yet still so devoted to Bella even after she made such wrong decisions, in his mind, every time breaking his heart.
The ending was full of blood, either from Bella drinking it through a straw, or of her own, spilled while trying to save the baby and Bella as well.  It actually wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, as bad as the book made it out to be, that part didn't bother me. Of course it was fun to look around me and see the faces of others, hands over mouths, squinting, trying not to look, almost like a horror film.  I loved it! 
Action!  There was so much action, fighting, wolves and vampires.  I found myself rocking back and forth in my seat, my hands gripping the bottom of cushion.  I must have looked pretty silly myself! 
As a silly 40-ish Twilight Mom, I have reached beyond the "mid-life-crisis" stage. Is there such a thing as "Post-mid-life-crisis-stress-disorder"? There should be! 


  1. Of all the books and movies, I've read and seen Twilight the most. (I tend to avoid New Moon and Breaking Dawn. I like the tent scene in Eclipse.)

    I have to admit that Breaking Dawn Part 1 made me more sympathetic toward Jacob, but only a bit. The person I felt really bad for was Charlie, even though I know how the story ends.

    I look forward to Part 2....

  2. So glad for you that you have something that helps you escape from real life for awhile and helps you thru the bad times! Love you. I really do like the song! It's beautiful! Love you, MOM


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